Penentration test


Web servers and web applications starting from simple website, web portal or complex cloud distribution system are vulnerable to various attacks. The attacker can simply deface the pages, steal data or disrupt website operations. Web security is especially important in case of e-commerce based portals, where the entire business relies on website and its data contents. It’s important to understand that having only firewalls are not enough because those cannot detect code level vulnerabilities, so a detailed code security review is highly recommended.


In order to mitigate risk and ensure the highest level of security, our security team delivers the support you need to properly fix the holes in yours information system.

Our main focus is web based application security. Our team has expertise in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities across different application types that reside in cloud following security testing methodologies based on OWASP Top-10 model.

We will provide you with detailed reports of all tasks performed during the engagement by our testers including final recommendations in preventing potential vulnerabilities in application or server misconfiguration.

SQL Injection Attacks68%

XSS Attacks97%

CSRF Attacks80%

Code Injection87%

Session Hijacks75%